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Test d'évaluation English
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Evaluez votre niveau de connaissances en anglais.

Temps imparti pour la réalisation du test : 20 minutes.
Passé ce délai, le système n'enregistrera plus vos réponses. Si vous ne pouvez répondre rapidement, passez à la question suivante.

1ère partie : Grammaticale
cochez la bonne réponse (une réponse possible)

She's ... university teacher.

a - (=nothing) one

I like … small animals.

the - (=nothing) every

Who are … people over there ?

that these those

(Which - What - How) ... is your phone number ?

Which What How

Which plural is correct ?

ladys sandwichs babies

She usually goes … bed early.

to at in

He went out without … money.

some any

You can’t live very long without … .

to eat eating you eat

My brother … in a bank.

work works he works

She’s much taller … me.

than as that

Her parents don’t want … married.

her to get that she gets her get

He lives in the same street … me.

like than as

They’re … young to get married.

too much too very too

Is this coat … ?

yours your the yours

Last night I went to a cafe … my friends.

for to meet to meet for meet

I like cities because I … to the theatre.

can go can to go can going

We’re going … the opera tomorrow night.

at in to

Which of these is correct ?

happier more happier beautifuller

This picture … by a friend of my mother’s.

is painting is painted was painted

She’s an old friend – I … her … years.

know , for ‘ve known, for ‘ve known, since

... is horrible

Coffee English The English coffee English coffee

Have you finished … the kitchen yet ?

painting to paint paint